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Body Implants

Facial & Body Implants for North Shore-Area Patients

The demand for facial and body implants has grown over the years. The North Shore’s New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery offers silicone body implants to enhance your aesthetics. Facial implants  are considered permanent and typically don’t need to be replaced or repeated unless there are complications. In many cases, implants are the most effective and sometimes only way to attain your desired results. They’re available to fill in the angle or dimension for various spots on the face, such as your nose, chin, cheeks, and jawline. Even your skull can be shaped by our cutting-edge cosmetic specialists.

Gain Desirable Size and Contour with Body Implants

You can achieve your desired look with different muscle groups by utilizing body implants, and our North Shore cosmetic surgery center can help you. You’ll get the size and shape you desire when we place them under the muscle. Examples of different implants available for your aesthetic needs include:

  • Pectoral implants  – These can be used to increase the size and definition of this muscle group. Bodybuilders have used pectoral implants when they couldn’t achieve their desired development through exercise alone. In many cases, they’re also used for a congenital deformity in the chest that causes it to appear too flat.
  • Butt implants – It’s a permanent solution to augment the buttocks, and it doesn’t carry the same high risk of death from pulmonary embolus as a Brazilian butt lift. This implant gives you a natural-looking buttock that’s popular with runway models and bodybuilders.
  • Calf implantsThis is one of the most popularly requested implant procedures for men and women. Calf implants increase the size, definition, and shapeliness of your calves. It’s vital to evaluate the proportions of the whole body to determine the right size to avoid over-enhancement.
  • Biceps and triceps implantsThe biceps in the front of the arm and the triceps in the back can be a problem area for people when they’re unable to gain enough bulk in the muscle. Augmenting these groups with implants is a great solution. Infection, nerve or muscle damage, bleeding, and asymmetry are risks for you to consider.

Get Implant Enhancement in the Chicago Area

With a wide variety of enhancements to attain the desired dimensions, size, and proportions, your permanent surgical options for facial and body implants in the North Shore area are within easy reach. For questions about our surgical enhancements for your face and body, call us today!

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