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North Shore Ultherapy

A Nonsurgical Way to Lift, Tighten, & Tone Skin

Ultherapy is on the cutting edge of skin rejuvenation technology. By using ultrasound, The Medical Spa at New Horizons Center can enhance and tone skin from within. The ultrasound waves used in Ultherapy penetrate the epidermis for deep tissue stimulation. In this layer of deep tissue lies your face’s collagen deposits. By stimulating these collagen deposits, the North Shore Medical Spa Services causes collagen growth, which restores a healthy firmness to your neck and face.*

ultherapy non invasive? boosts collagen check. lifts and tightens? check. check.


Ultherapy involves the use of ultrasound waves to stimulate deep tissues in your face. Stimulation boosts collagen growth, leading to healthy restoration of the face and neck skin. This unique treatment increases skin rejuvenation from within, ensuring stimulated collagen and softer skin for most patients.

Ultherapy imaging machine

Benefits of Ultherapy*

*Medical Disclaimer: “There’s no guarantee, results may vary”.

  • Less Downtime Than After Other Procedures – Resume normal activities immediately
  • Doesn’t Disturb the Surface of Your Skin – Non-invasive procedure doesn’t damage skin
  • Targeted Treatments – Directed ultrasound leads to controlled, natural-looking results
  • FDA-Approved – Lifts the neck, chin, and brow
  • Immediate Results – In addition to continuing results over the first several months after the procedure*

For more information about our Ultherapy treatment, call us at 847-674-4646 today!

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*Individual results may vary.

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