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Effective Solutions for Wrinkle Reduction in Chicago’s North Shore

New Horizons Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa offers lasting wrinkle reduction in Skokie, IL. Botox is FDA-approved as an effective non-surgical treatment for facial wrinkles. A single injection can eliminate wrinkles for many months. Our qualified Botox clinic helps promote a smoother, younger appearance. We also offer lip filler injections for fuller lips. This safe, low-risk procedure uses a small amount of Botox to improve the look of your lips. Botox also treats muscle spasms, misaligned eyes, excessive sweating, overreactive bladder issues, and chronic migraines. Consult with your healthcare provider to determine if Botox is right for you.

How Botox Eliminates Facial Creases

Botox is a purified neurotoxic protein made from a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. The toxin is injected into the skin to smooth facial wrinkles. Botox shots relax the muscles that cause frown lines and other unwanted wrinkles. The patient will see full results after two weeks following their appointment. The procedure can be repeated every 4 to 12 months to maintain lasting results. Our Botox treatment is administered by a licensed and skilled healthcare provider and is conducted using safe medical control standards. If you’re interested in Botox, talk with your doctor to determine if the treatment is right for you.

Procedure Preparation, Expectations, and Recovery

We’ll determine what type of Botox injection is right for you based on your needs, medical history, and current medications. We can apply a numbing agent before the procedure if you are sensitive. Our healthcare provider will inject small amounts of Botox into your skin using a thin needle. Treatment requires multiple injections performed in a medical office. After the procedure, the patient can return to their usual activities but should not lie down for 2 to 4 hours after receiving the shots. They should also avoid putting pressure on the treated areas for 24 hours.

What are the Potential Risks and Side Effects of Botox?

Please consult with your doctor before undergoing Botox treatment. Individual results may vary. Because Botox is a temporary solution, when the effects eventually fade, your skin will return to its previous appearance until additional treatment is administered. Our doctors do not recommend Botox for individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Patients may experience redness, swelling, or minor bruising at the injection site. These symptoms are temporary and will fade. Some patients may be allergic to the injection. If the patient experiences any unusual or painful symptoms such as wheezing, blurred vision, or difficulty swallowing, they should seek immediate medical attention.

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