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What is the easiest way towards deciding to have a procedure?

The first step towards deciding to have any procedure is to do a little homework and research it on your own. Be very careful of too much internet research, however, because you'll find a LOT of misleading and incorrect information. We recommend viewing where you'll find great information, very honest reviews, and true experiences from real people.

Next, schedule a consultation with one of our expert clinical professionals which includes a thorough skin health history, skin analysis, and assessment. We are here to answer your questions during your free evaluation and provide you with our most professional recommendations in order to help you reach your personal goals.

How expensive are these procedures?

Pricing depends on the procedure, of course. All of our procedures are competitively priced and money-saving packages are available for multiple services. We are also proud to offer our Fair Necessities Club, a rewards program which provides great savings on everything from facials, Botox, and fillers to lasers, Coolsculpting, and Ultherapy.

What could go wrong? And how would the problem be handled?

There is always a possibility of complications with any cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Our doctors and surgeons are highly trained and have impeccable track records. We do everything possible to prevent complications, and getting a complete and accurate skin & health history is vital. Rembember to complete ALL information on health forms even if you think it may not effect your skin. Quite often people leave out information on vitamins & supplements they take. Although these may not be prescription medications, they can effect your skin's health and the outcome of a procedure. And, of course, if by chance something doesn't go the way we anticipated, we'll do what is necessary to make it right!

What's the difference in how Botox and a filler like Juvederm work?

Botox stops muscle contractions while Juvederm and other facial fillers plump the skin with volume.

Botox is the trade name of what is called a neurotoxin. It's injected into a muscle to block the signals from the nerves to stop the muscle from moving. This is what causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. If deep wrinkles are already set in the area, Botox can only soften and prevent them from getting worse. That's why many people are getting Botox injections at a younger age for prevention. It is most often used on forehead lines & crow's feet.

Facial fillers such as Juvederm are injected and placed underneath the epidermis to provide an instant "lift" of volume, smoothing wrinkles and lines. These injections are either synthetic or natural depending on the type.

How do I know if I need non-surgical facial rejuvenation or surgical facial rejuvenation?

A consultation with one of our physicians will help you decide, but ultimately it's your personal choice which is best for you. In general, facial rejuvenation surgeries are invasive by nature, but produce far more drastic results in the least amount of time. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation (including most lasers, dermal fillers, and machine-based treatments) are less invasive than surgical procedures but may only produce moderate results. Non-invasive options may be best if you can not have or are not ready for surgery, having a procedure for preventative reasons, and do not have deep damage that needs correction.

What chemical peel is right for me?

Chemical peeling is not a "one size fits all" science. Today chemical peel solutions can be very light and loaded with vitamins (such as Vitamin C & pumpkin blends), to much deeper aggressive formulas to treat advanced skin damage (TCA). Whether your concern is sun damage, rosacea, acne, etc., one of our highly trained medical aestheticians will determine which peel is best suited for your personal skin type, condition, and concerns. Schedule a free consultation today.

Can MiraDry be used for areas other than the underarms?

No. The MiraDry procedure is currently approved for use on the underarms only and cannot be used to treat excessive sweating by other parts of the body.

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*Medical Disclaimer "There's no guarantee, results may vary".

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